DHC8-100 Type Rated First Officers AAR Airlift Iraq

Published 14 days ago

AAR Airlift is currently looking for Dash8-100 Non Type Rated First Officers based in Iraq.

Required skills

  • Aircraft model: DHC8-100
  • Type required: Yes
  • Languages: English
  • Higher School Certificate;
  • FAA CPL;
  • Current ME/IR Land;
  • FCC Restricted Radio Permit;
  • FAA Class 2 flight crew medical certificate;
  • 1500 hours of total flying experience;
  • 500 hours on turbine aircraft.

Desired skills

  • 250 hours flying experience on Multi-Engine Command;
  • FAA ATP rating.
  • Prior military pilot and/or pilot support on the DoS INL/A program.

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