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COVID-19 INFORMATION (31 MAR 2020): Aviation worldwide is currently going through an unprecedented situation. AviationJobs.Me Team wants to send a support message to those who are going through difficulties at this time and remind them of our compromise to bring the most up to date aviation vacancies. All the jobs posted are correct at the time of publication but the situation is constantly changing and might become outdated. We are constantly working to keep our content updated.

AviationJobs.me is the website that brings together recruiters and job seekers.

Founded in August of 2012, we aim to create a meeting point where aviation professionals from across the world can come to find opportunities; a space to find a better professional future; a place to browse and to find a career path.


Bring together pilots, cabin crew and employers who are willing to connect. Our goal is to provide opportunities that become career choices.

AviationJobs illustration representing flight crew and planes.

We are an online platform updated daily with the latest jobs in the industry.

The team behind Aviationjobs.me is mainly composed by active airline pilots and cabin crew members flying in various locations around the globe, so we understand your needs and we have a deep understanding of the aviation industry.