B757 Type Rated Captains National Airlines US

Published 30+ days ago — This listing is expired

National Airlines is a provider of outsourced aircraft and services. National
operates a fleet of B747, B757 and A330 aircraft and provide customers a broad array of domestic, regional and international applications.

Required skills

  • Aircraft model: B757
  • Type required: Yes
  • Languages: English
  • Current and Qualified and operating in a Part 121, 135 or Part 91 environment;
  • Hold a current and unrestricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement;
  • FAA Class 1 flight crew medical certificate;
  • FAA ATP or Frozen ATP (CPL with ATPL subjects);
  • FCC Restricted Radio Permit;
  • A valid US passport allowing unrestricted travel;
  • The unrestricted right to live and work in US;
  • 7000 hours of total flying experience;
  • 500 hours flying experience on type;
  • 1000 hours flying experience Pilot in Command;
  • Ability to pass a 10-year security background check and a DOT pre-employment test;

Note: ATP issued with a CIRC APCH-VMC Only limitation is acceptable.

Desired skills

  • Current and Qualified and operating in a Part 121, 135 or Part 91 environment.

Other information

Please note that all candidates offered a position as Captain will be tested in accordance with 14 CFR Part 120.107(5) Sub Part E to determine the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates (including codeine, heroin-6AM, morphine), opioids-hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, oxymorphone, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines/methamphetamines (including, MDMA, MDA) or metabolites of these drugs.

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