B200 Type Rated Captains Wonderful Citrus US

Published Jan 31

Safety, service, and standardization will be the motto of the aviation department. All departmental employees will be responsible for contributing to a positive culture, which treats each other with professionalism and respect. A polite and positive demeanor is expected by everyone in all departmental and corporate activities. The King Air Captain will transport passengers, mail, or freight, or other commercial not for hire purposes.

Required skills

  • Aircraft model: B200
  • Type required: Yes
  • Languages: English
  • FAA CPL;
  • Current ME/IR Land;
  • 1500 hours of total flying experience;
  • 200 hours flying experience on type;
  • Ability to determine that aircraft is current on its maintenance inspection status and is ready for dispatch;
  • Experience monitoring and checking of weather, air traffic, navigation facilities, NOTAMS, airport and runway requirement, emphasizing safety, comfort, and mission success
  • Ability to accept duties delegated by the PIC when acting as SIC on Wonderful Citrus aircraft;
  • Ability to make and assist in decisions to continue, cancel or implement alternate plans for flights where an element of uncertainty exists;
  • Experience with proper check list usage for all segments of ground and flight operations;
  • Knowledge of all security procedures;
  • AA degree or equivalent experience associated with business aviation operations;
  • Computer skills;
  • Knowledge and use of Foreflight, Jepp Charts, FMS avionics technology a plus;
  • Must be accessible by mobile phone 24/7 except on scheduled days off Work hours can extend past normal office hours.

Desired skills

  • FAA ATP.

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