Saab 340 Non Type Rated First Officers Cranfield University UK


Published 30+ days ago — This position has been filled.

This role combines the duties of a Saab340B First Officer and Light Aircraft Flight Instructor. You can expect to devote 60% of your time to the First Officer role and 40% of your time to the Light Aircraft Instructor role.

As an NFLC Saab340B First officer you are expected to bring a reasonable degree of experience of aircraft operations as a First Officer, and work with a Captain and Flight Test Engineer or Flight Demonstrator (as appropriate) to complete a range of demonstration (flying classroom) and research & development flights. You may also be required to operate in the role of Flight Demonstrator if schedule demands.

There are occasions when the Saab340B aircraft will deploy to other airfields to support the flying classroom task. These activities are normally planned well in advance, rarely require weekend duty and cover approximately 10 weeks across the year. You will not need to support all these deployments but must be willing to support these deployed tasks when required.

As a Light Aircraft Flight Instructor, you are responsible for the safe operation of the light aircraft within your care and the staff and students who may occupy them under instruction. You must be a proficient aerobatics pilot. You are also expected to bring a substantial degree of experience of aircraft instruction into the light aircraft operation and be able to support the safe and efficient light aircraft activity.

The safety of your students is of paramount importance and your role is to provide support in the Saab340B role and leadership in the Light Aircraft role to affect a safe learning and working environment.

Required skills

  • Languages: English

  • EASA/UK ATPL or Frozen ATPL (CPL with ATPL subjects);
  • EASA/UK Class 1 flight crew medical certificate;
  • FI(A) rating;
  • The unrestricted right to live and work in the UK;
  • ICAO Level 6 proficiency in English language;
  • Previous type rating on turbine powered aircraft;
  • Previous multi-pilot experience with military or civil operator;
  • 400 hours as a flight instructor;
  • 1000 hours of total flying experience;
  • 500 hours flying experience Pilot in Command;
  • Previous experience of an EASA regulatory framework and it’s management or CAA equivalent;
  • Familiar with EASA PART-FCL / EU OPS and EASA AIR OPS;
  • Above average as a pilot with the ability to manually fly aircraft to a high degree of accuracy;
  • Ability to put ab-initio students at their ease in flight;
  • Proficient with MS Office and ability to edit/amend technical manuals;
  • Ability to demonstrate their values: Ambition, Impact, Respect and Community;
  • Nothing in history to prevent commercial flying licences and ratings;
  • Ability to complete tasks independently without external support when necessary;
  • Content to work in an academic environment with its established conditions, remuneration scales and benefits;
  • Willingness to work occasional evenings and weekends or fly-away deployments as appropriate, e.g. air expo/airshow.

Desired skills

  • Saab340 Series Type/Instrument Rating;
  • Aerobatic Rating;
  • Military flight instructor qualifications;
  • Current/recent MEP class rating with single pilot IR;
  • Degree or equivalent professional qualification (science or engineering);
  • >100 aerobatic flight and instructor hours;
  • Formation flying experience;
  • Military flying experience;
  • Knowledge of EASA Part NCO, Part SPO and Part DTO;
  • Sound understanding of aircraft principles of flight, flight dynamics and performance;
  • Thorough understanding of avionics/computing;
  • Proficient at aerobatics and close formation flying;
  • Ability to write proposals, manuals and course learning material;
  • Project Management. Business Development;
  • Commanding presence in flight instructor situations;
  • Confidence to instruct students from 1-on-1 to 1-on- 100 (e.g. a pre-season briefing).

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