RJ85 Non Type Rated Captains Aero-Flite US

Spokane, WA

Published 30+ days ago — This position has been filled.

Aero-Flite is looking for a dedicated Captain IA to join their RJ85 air tanker, pilot team. The Captain IA is an Initial Attack Carded Air Tanker Pilot making drops on wildfire suppression missions. Responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft and for the safety of all persons onboard during flight time. For this purpose, the Captain IA will have final authority for the disposition of the aircraft during the time in which they are in command.  

Required skills

  • Languages: English
  • FAA ATP;
  • FAA Class 2 flight crew medical certificate;
  • The unrestricted right to live and work in the US;
  • 4000 hours flying experience Pilot in Command;
  • 2000 hours flying experience on Multi-Engine Command;
  • 100 hours of total night flying experience;
  • A valid US passport allowing unrestricted travel;
  • Initial Attack Carded Air Tanker pilot
  • Post-Secondary Education – 2 or 4-year degree program
  • 200 hours flying experience on Multi-crew aircraft;
  • 500 hours in forest fire flying environments;
  • 100 hours in preceding 12 months;
  • 500 hours PIC multi-engine over 12,500 lbs;
  • 500 hours PIC IFR;
  • 200 hours in mountainous terrain.

Desired skills

  • FAA Class 1 flight crew medical certificate;
  • Professional Aviation training – Specialized aircraft courses, Simulator, and CRM training;
  • Human Factors / Safety Management - Formal risk based education;
  • Two years of Federal or State Carded air tanker pilot making drops on wildfire suppression mission.
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