Flight Attendant SmartLynx Airlines Latvia


Published 30+ days ago — This position has been filled.

SmartLynx Airlines is looking for summer 2024 cabin crew.

    Required skills

    • Minimun height: 160cm
    • Arm reach: 210cm
    • Languages: English
    • At least 18 years and an education diploma (high school, university, or other)
    • A passport that doesn't shy away from the global stage (no travel restrictions for EU, UK, etc.)
    • Clean record – in criminal background
    • Health credentials ready for high altitudes
    • English fluency that's music to our ears (ICAO level 3 or equivalent). Bonus points for additional languages, such as German, French, Scandinavian, Arabic, etc.
    • Swimming skills to make you swim at least 25 meters solo
    • A sky-ready look: stylishly discreet if inked or pierced
    • Comfy in an aircraft jump seat, without belt extensions
    • Ready for round-the-clock escapades
    • Luggage packed for prolonged adventures
    • A flair for syncing with a global crew

    Desired skills

    • A genuine service-oriented compass
    • Past experience in hospitality or customer care? That's your fast pass
    • Balanced manners, adaptable in both solo and crew situations
    • Punctuality and flexibility
    • The calm amidst a storm - high stress resistance
    • Cultural savvy and understanding

    Other information

    Advantageous add-ons:

    • EASA Cabin Crew Attestation
    • USA C1/D, China Crew, or Russian travel credentials

    Please note that if you have more than 100 BLH flying experience you will need to provide proof of it.

    In case you want to be considered for a Senior CCM position, please note that you will be asked to provide proof of at least 12 months of operational experience.

    This job doesn't accept applications.