Flight Attendant Saudia Saudi Arabia

Published Mar 9 — This listing is expired

Saudi Arabian Airline is looking for Cabin Crew in Saudi Arabia.

Required skills

  • Arm reach: 212cm
  • Languages: English
  • Saudi Female
  • Minimum degree of high school
  • Achieving the required level of English Language
  • Minimum age is 20 years old and the maximum is 30 years old (Gregorian Calendar)
  • Height and weight must be according to SAUDIA standard chart
  • Must pass the screening assessment as per SAUDIA‚Äôs standards
  • Medically fit for this demanding role as per SAUDIA Medical verification

Other information

Required English Level:

Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS with a minimum score of 72.
The issuance date of the test MUST not exceed Two years from the application date.
Other English Tests will not be accepted.

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