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Hollywood, FL

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Jet Luxe is a luxury travel brand responsible for revolutionizing executive jet travel, launched in 2020, A global leader in executive aviation, Jet Luxe is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class Luxury Travel Management solutions to customers worldwide. Jet Luxe3 provides exceptional Aircraft Management, tailored made travel and Concierge Services. The company caters to an elite clientele including aircraft owners, VIP, operators of business jets for corporate, commercial, and personal air travel. From the palace to the aircraft, to the destination, anything private jet travel requires, anywhere in the world, we can provide. See the world in Your Own Way.

Required skills

  • Languages: English
  • Minimum of 2-year proven experience in business aviation operations;
  • Maintain an FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with a multi-engine rating;
  • Maintain an FAA First-Class Medical certification;
  • Maintain a valid US passport with the ability to fly both domestically and internationally including, but not limited to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands;
  • Have a minimum of 3,000 hours of total flight time, including 500 hours of experience in jet aircraft;
  • Maintain a high degree of aviation knowledge and ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), company policies, procedures, and processes outlined in the Flight Operations Manual, checklists and other company manuals;
  • Available and able to work an expected number of flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Desired skills

  • Have a CE-560 type rating (highly preferred) or willingness to obtain.

Other information


  • Serve as captain for all assigned flights and through collaboration, coordinate the responsibilities stated herein.
  • - Be responsible for the aircraft Operations, FDP, SOPs, Safety and in accordance with all FAR's
  • - Be familiar with Civil Aviation regulations for which the aircraft is registered and operate accordingly.
  • - Acquire updated weather reports, review all NOTAMS, and complete weight & balance prior to each flight.
  • - Ensure aircraft paperwork is in order before departure.
  • - Ensure aircraft is airworthy before departure.
  • - Call FBOs prior to flight to ensure ramp, fuel and/or hangar space (when necessary) is available.
  • - Create a safe and professional environment on-board with emphasis on good CRM
  • - Study weather conditions for a flight's entirety and change the planned route or destination when needed.
  • Coordinate catering delivery and/or pick up before flight. Stock aircraft with food and beverages and maintain a clean and comfortable passenger compartment (to be completed after each flight).
  • Coordinate passenger rental cars and/or other ground transportation with CX team.
  • Ensure that the passengers travel documents are correct before departure;
  • Has ultimate responsibility for the passenger, and that the passengers adhere to FA instructions. If operating with an ISP, the Captain will ensure that all briefings and cabin security checks are conducted by either himself, or assigned to the co- pilot.
  • Brief passengers on journey time, en-route weather, possible delays and anything else pertinent to the flight;
  • Ensure that the crew are presentable, and that the crew, at no time, damage the reputation or image of the Company;
  • Ensure pre and post-flight inspections are performed and maintenance is scheduled as necessary.
  • Report any abnormalities, events, incidents or accidents, via the correct channels;
  • Coordinate all planned and unplanned maintenance events with company and maintenance team.
  • Work closely with captain and co-captain to coordinate all management operations of aircraft. Duties to include, but are not limited to: scheduling maintenance events, ensuring all LOIs and MELs are maintained and complied with, managing and renewing subscriptions, receipt tracking and submittal of those receipts, schedule and coordinate crew training events, fuel and maintenance tracking via Excel spreadsheet and ensure aircraft is operated legally, safely and efficiently.
  • Attend recurrent training twice annually and complete in-house training when required
  • Maintain professionalism that embraces the Jet Luxe standards.
  • Understand and ensure compliance with all relevant internal and external rules, regulations and procedures that apply to the conduct of the business in which you are involved.
  • These duties are indicative of the role and are not exhaustive and may change to meet business objectives from time to time as required.

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