BN2T Turbine Islander Non Type Rated Captains Draken International UK


Published 30+ days ago

Draken Europe is recruiting for multiple Islander Captain (BN2T) positions to be based in Northern Ireland working on behalf of a new special mission customer.

The Captain is ultimately responsible for all aspects of safety and security whenever the aircraft is being operated under the sole supervision of the operating crew throughout the period of command. The operating co-pilot is his nominated deputy.

The Captain is also directly responsible for the conduct of flight operations in accordance with the Air Navigation Order, applicable European legislation and Company Operations Manuals.

The Company will nominate a Captain to be the aircraft commander for each flight or series of flights.

In addition, the Captain has the delegated authority and responsibility to impact positively upon Draken’s reputation, competitive position and commercial success. In exercise of command, the Captain is expected to exhibit qualities of leadership together with those skills and attributes which will positively influence all those involved in flight operations to maximise their contribution to the successful completion of each mission and to enhance the standing of the Company.

So that there can be no doubt as to which pilot is in command of any Company aircraft, the pilot designated as the Captain must sign the Aircraft Technical Log as the Commander of that aircraft. (Signing the Aircraft Technical Log confers overriding authority and responsibility in respect of the aircraft).

The designated Commander remains in sole command of the aircraft from the time he/she signs the Aircraft Technical Log until he/she relinquishes command to another Captain or, agent of the Company. While in command he/she must be seated at the aircraft controls for take-offs and landings.

Required skills

  • Languages: English

  • UK CAA Pilot Licence holders;
  • Maintain command status on the major type of aircraft engaged in the role;
  • 1000+ Hours Flying experience;
  • Suitably qualified and experienced as Pilot;
  • Suitably experienced in the management of aircrew;
  • Delivery of contracted Flight Operations;
  • Flight Operations management practices and principles;
  • Reasonable level of competence with the suite of Microsoft Office tools;
  • Flight operations in the civil environment;
  • General business management principles including budget setting and control;
  • Strong domain knowledge of customer operational requirements and customer platform capabilities;
  • Strong focus on aviation safety and compliance;
  • Ability to prioritise effectively;
  • Strong airborne leadership skills;
  • Ability to communicate and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
  • High level of personal and professional integrity;
  • Strong organisational and time management skills;
  • Able to work within teams and assume an appropriate style;
  • Applicants will be required to achieve and maintain the highest level of UK national security clearance for this position.

Desired skills

  • Flight operations in military or government aviation.

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