B737 Non Type Rated First Officers ASL Aviation Holdings Germany


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ASL Airlines (Ireland) is seeking B737 Non Type Rated (300-900) First Officers for a long-term assignment, supporting cargo operations. The purpose of the role is to assist the Commander in the safe and efficient conduct of the flight. In the event of the incapacitation of the Commander, the First Officer will assume command.

Required skills

  • Languages: English
  • 200 hours as an approved course graduate
  • Valid EASA-issued ATPL or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with frozen ATPL, and a multi-engine instrument rating (IR).
  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT) in accordance with FCL.745.A.
  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of multi-crew co-operation (MCC) in accordance with AMC1 FCL.735.A.
  • Must have a flight school report
  • Flight school report must be written in English. The document must also be signed by your Flight School’s HOT (Head of Training). This requirement applies to both Integrated and Modular students. This report must also contain all ATPL results (detailing any repeats), CPL & MEIR series passes, and information relating to your performance throughout training.
  • Cadets who have conducted a modular course must have 100 hours as Pilot-in-Command (PIC), or 70 hours as PIC if completed during a course of integrated flying training as set out in Appendix 3 A, C & D to Part-FCL and AMC1 to Appendix 3 A, C & D.
  • Have, or be willing to convert to Irish Licence
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4 minimum
  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • Must be eligible to live and work in the EU
  • Base will be in Germany, must live within 90 mins of assigned base.

Other information

Assessment and selection:

  • AON Pre Assessment Test
  • The selection procedure takes place in Dublin (Ireland).
  • Personnel interview (HR and Flight Ops) – Approximately 45 minutes
  • Pre-simulator briefing
  • Simulator assessment in a B737 simulator – 45 minutes as both Pilot Flying (PF). Basic handling skills, CRM and flight management will be assessed.

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