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August 3, 2016

CRJ Non Type Rated First Officers PSA Airlines US

PSA Airlines, Inc. is seeking first officers to fill positions in all crew bases.

Minimum requirements:
  • Must have necessary hours and qualifications under the ATP requirements or the restricted ATP requirements 
  • 25 Hours Multi-Engine required (Must be actual aircraft time. Sim time does NOT count.) (FAR 61.159)
  • ATP written completed (must be completed before interview)
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator's Permit
  • First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport

**Once hired, the Flight Simulator portion of your PSA Pilot Training will satisfy the remaining ATP multi-engine requirements

(NOTE: Candidates may apply if they are within 3 months of meeting the minimum qualifications for immediate employment.)

Scope of Responsibility - The First Officer is required to call the Captain's attention to any deviation from regulations, Company policy or safe operating practices. The duties of the First Officer shall include the following:
  • Compliance with Company and FAA procedures, directives and regulations affecting the proposed flight.
  • Performing the duties of the Second-in-Command (SIC) in accordance with Company Standardization Program. 
  • Aiding the Captain in preflight preparation as appropriate. 
  • Perform a visual preflight (walk-around) inspection prior to each flight. 
  • Perform a visual post-flight inspection after each flight. 
  • Assuming secondarily all responsibilities of the Captain and, in the event the Captain becomes incapacitated, full responsibility of the Captain. 
  • Performing such other duties as may be directed by the Captain. 

  • PSA offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, 401(k) and flight benefits on all US Airways flights.

Interview process is broken down into three sections:
  • Section 1 - General aviation test
  • Section 2 - Panel interview of 2-4 individuals
  • Section 3 - Desktop SIM evaluation. SIM evals may be scheduled at an earlier or later date depending on availability. 

If you are interested in this job APPLY HERE

As a proof of your professionalism, apply only when you comply with all the requirements and if you have or can obtain a work permit that allows you to be employed in this country. 

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