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October 8, 2016

Second Officers Qantas Australia

Qantas is currently looking for Second Officers to join their flight crew team.

Minimum requirements:
  • Passes (1) in: 
    • English; (2) and 
    • One or more of: 
      • a. Mathematics; (3) 
      • b. Physics;
      • c. Chemistry; 
    • at a level equivalent to NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) level4 
      • or 
    • Awarded a Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline in Aviation, Science, Maths or Engineering
  • Level 6 English Proficiency (Expert) 
  • Australian citizen or Hold Australian Permanent Residency Status 
  • Hold a current passport with unrestricted access to all Qantas ports of call with at least 12 months validity 
  • Hold an Australian Air Transport Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence, or 
  • Hold a Part 61 Multi Engine Aeroplane Class Instrument Rating (excluding a Private Instrument Rating) 
  • Passsed the Aeronautical Knowledge Examination for the Australian Air Transport Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence. 
  • Hold an Australian Commercial Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence 
  • Hold a current CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate 
  • 500 hours in Command of a powered fixed wing aeroplane (excluding hours in Command Under Supervision); 
    • OR 
  • 300 hours in Command of a multi engine aeroplane (excluding hours In Command Under Supervision); 
    • OR 
  • 250 hours in Command of a powered fixed wing aeroplane and 1000 hours as Co-Pilot of a multi crew, multi engine turbine aeroplane (excluding hours In Command Under Supervision); 
    • OR 
  • 250 hours in Command of a powered fixed wing aeroplane (of which up to 100 hours may be In Command Under Supervision) and 1500 hours as Co-Pilot of a multi crew turbine aeroplane; 
    • OR 
  • 250 Hours in Command of a powered fixed wing aeroplane and 500 hours in Command of rotary wing aircraft (excluding hours In Command Under Supervision) 
  • Hold a current Instrument Proficiency Check (MEA) 
  • Hold endorsements for IAP 2D and IAP 3D on Australian (Civil) Instrument rating. 

  1. Pass generally means an examination mark of 50/100 or better.
  2. English level is NSW English (Standard) or greater. 
  3. The lowest level of Year 12 Mathematics in most Australian states does not meet the pilot recruitment minimum criteria. Mathematics General is NOT acceptable. 
  4. Education requirements are based on the Australian NSW HSC. Some candidates educated outside this system will need to demonstrate that their qualifications meet this standard. For overseas qualifications, a statement of equivalency from the NSW Board of Studies, Technology and Education Standards may be required. Candidates with suitable passes in the International Baccalaureate are not required to provide a statement of equivalency. The suitability of degree or subjects and the definition of a pass for Qantas Pilot Recruitment purposes is determined by Qantas rather than the relevant educational body. 

If you are interested in this job APPLY HERE

As a sign of your professionalism, apply only when you comply with all the requirements and if you have or can obtain a work permit that allows you to be employed in this country.

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