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June 20, 2015

CRJ Non Type Rated Captains PSA Airlines US

PSA Airlines, Inc. is seeking Non Type Rated Captains to fill positions in all crew bases.

Minimum requirements:
  • Must possess an ATP Certificate
  • 2500 Total Hours – Combination of the (2) following categories
    • 500 Hours Multi-Engine Turbine (must be actual aircraft time. Sim time does NOT count.)
    • 500 Hours Part-121 Pilot-In-Command (PIC)* OR 1000 Hours Second-In-Command (SIC)* 
      • *May be combined by reducing the 500 hours of Part 121 PIC time by a commensurate amount of Part 121 SIC hours and vice versa. For example: 350 hours PIC plus 650 hours SIC. Or, 700 hours PIC plus 300 hours SIC
  • Must meet the aeronautical experience requirements of CFR 121.436(a)(3)
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator's Permit
  • First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport

Scope of responsibility:
  • The Captain is directly responsible to the Chief Pilot. When assigned to a flight, the Captain is responsible for and in command of the aircraft and crew. He is also responsible for the following:
  • Compliance with Company and FAA procedures, directives, and regulations. 
  • Safe and efficient operation of the flight. 
  • Ensuring a visual preflight inspection of the aircraft is completed prior to and following the flight.
  • Ensuring compliance with fuel load requirements of applicable FARs.
  • Ensuring the aircraft is loaded and operated within appropriate weight and balance limitations. 
  • Ensuring that aircraft to which he is assigned is properly equipped and in compliance with FARs.
  • The completion and proper routing of all forms required by the Flight Operation Manual prior to, during, and at the termination of the flight.
  • Proper use of Checklists. 
  • Briefing of crewmembers on flight procedures including their assigned duties and responsibilities relating to emergency procedures. 
  • Maintaining aircraft flight logs. 
  • PSA offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, 401(k) and flight benefits.

To ensure a safe environment for all, they require a drug screening, fingerprinting, and criminal/verbal background checks.
Interview process:
  • Section 1 - General aviation test
  • Section 2 - Panel interview of 2-5 individuals
  • Section 3 - Desktop SIM evaluation. 

If you are interested in this job APPLY HERE

As a proof of your professionalism, apply only when you comply with all the requirements and if you have or can obtain a work permit that allows you to be employed in this country.

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