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September 24, 2014

Learjet 35 Non Type Rating First Officers L-3 Flight International US

L-3 Flight International, a leader in providing both the government and the aerospace industry with reliable, cost effective & flexible airborne testing platforms with a full range of capabilities, including towing (targets, radar calibration spheres, decoys, etc.), EW systems, customer specific payloads, and testing at most altitudes, speeds, and environments, is currently looking for Lear 35/36 Non Type Rating First Officers for DOD training support flights worldwide IAW 14 CFR Part 135, ICAO and applicable DOD regulations. Provides training support for USN, USAF and NATO facilities and units using a Lear 35/36 configured for EW transmissions or target tow capability for ship and aerial gunnery. Also flies support missions in two-ship formations for air intercept control training and DOD RDT&E programs including flights down to 100 ft. AGL. To be based in Newport News, VA.

Performs interior and exterior preflight inspections of the aircraft and mission equipment. Conducts passenger briefings, IAW 14 CFR 135.117. Assists PIC with preflight planning including weight and balance calculations, determining takeoff and landing data and filing flight plans. Performs both Pilot Flying and Pilot Not Flying duties including communication and navigation worldwide IAW 14 CFR and applicable ICAO regulations.

Minimum requirements:
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED).
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument and MEL (w/o Centerline Thrust Restriction) Ratings.
  • MUST have at least the following amount of hours logged: 1,000 hrs total flight time excluding simulator; 250 hrs PIC fixed wing, 50 hrs PIC multi-engine or 50 hrs F/W Turbine PIC; 75 hrs night; 75 hrs instrument
  • Prior background in fixed-wing tactical aircraft or military contract flying experience.
  • MUST be able to obtain a Security Clearance.
  • MUST possess current FAA First Class Medical Certificate.

If you are interested in this job APPLY HERE

As a proof of your professionalism, apply only when you comply with all the requirements and if you have or can obtain a work permit that allows you to be employed in this country.

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